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Green Thinking

How does DC help the Environment?

We pride ourselves on producing machines that reduce your carbon footprint, improve your energy efficiency and save you money long-term.

DC Warewashing machines can provide:

  • Reduced water cycle consumption - striking the optimum balance between water usage and hygiene.
  • Innovative wash pumps and assemblies that useless power but deliver increased washing pressure
  • Doubled-skinned and insulated cabinet and door to reduce thermal and acoustic emissions.
  • Insulated boilers to reduce thermal emissions, improve recovery times and lower running costs.
  • Low volume wash tank that saves on water, electrical and chemical consumption.
  • Automatic Dosing Units to reduce over- or under-dosing and ensure the highest level of cleaning power and hygiene while minimising the environmental impact.
  • A reduction in overall energy consumption which protects our environment and minimises operating costs.

DC Icemaking machines:

  • Use R404A refrigerant gas, with a zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) rating which means no invasive gases are released into the environment.
  • Use new generation insulating foams which use water as a blowing agent.
  • Noble metals such as copper, steel, iron and brass which are easily removable and fully recyclable.
  • Use new energy-saving compressors providing a reduction in electrical and water consumption.
  • 55-65% of noble metals within the machine are recyclable.
  • A further 20-25% can be recovered from electro-mechanical components such as the compressor, pump, fan and wiring.


Reducing,Reusing and Recycling in many aspects of our working day help minimise our impact on the environment.

Packaging - We use recyclable materials wherever possible which can then be re-used or recycled by the end user.

Invoicing - 90% of our invoices are sent via email reducing paper and emissions.

Delivery - Our machines are delivered by couriers using Zero Emission vehicles wherever possible.

Green Thinking