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Ice Makers
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    Similar to crushed ice it's softer than cubes and chewable (perfect for cocktails!), while its mouldable properties suit displays or packaging applications. Suitable for: cocktail bars, cafeterias, healthcare industries, care homes, fast-food outlets, educational facilities, hotels, fishmongers, supermarkets, transport and packaging operations.

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    Granular Ice - Modular Granular Ice - DCG160A

    Using the latest technology, a cylindrical evaporator granulates the ice by using an Archimedean screw that ejects the granules from the base of the machine. The machine cabinet is made using catering grade food-safe stainless steel for added strength and hygiene.

    Additional Information
    Storage Capacity (Kg) 160   Height (mm) 600
    Width (mm) 560   Depth (mm) 569
    Power Supply (A) 13


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