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Ice Makers
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    Solid cubes of crystalline ice that cool quickly and melt slowly. Suitable for: bars, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, healthcare industries, educational facilities, hotels and supermarkets.

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    Dispenser - Dispenser Classic Ice - DCD26-7A

    This beautifully designed self-service ice dispenser features an optical sensor that enables ice delivery without direct contact, dramatically reducing the possibility of contamination and ensuring the highest possible hygiene standards. Using the latest spray technology to produce ice, water is sprayed into ice moulds at subzero temperatures building up layer upon layer of dense, crystalline ice. The quick cooling and compact ice is then stored in an insulated ice bin ready for dispensing at your leisure.

    Also available: DCDS Stainless steel dispenser plinth for DCD26-7A.  Width: 355   Depth: 515  Height: 655 

    Additional Information
    Storage Capacity (Kg) 7   Ice Production (Kg/24hr) 26
    Height (mm) 790   Width (mm) 395
    Depth (mm) 530   Waste Height (mm) 440
    Power Supply (A) 13A   Waste Outlet Diameter (mm) 24
    Air Temperature (°C) +10 - +43   Water Temperature (°C) +3 - +32


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