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    Small trapezoidal 'pebbles' that bridge the gap between granular and cubed ice. Designed for quick cooling and slow melting, this uniquely-shaped ice enhances presentation, reduces preparation time and splash whilst also allowing for better measurement of ice to liquid. It also blitzes down quickly into snow. 

    Suitable for use in cocktail bars, cafes, fast-food outlets, pubs and cafeterias. Perfect for cocktails, crushes and all iced drinks.  


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    Pebble Ice - Self Contained Pebble Ice - DCT140-40A

    Using the latest technology, a cylindrical evaporator produces small trapezoidal ice cubes in the form of compact and long-lasting nuggets or ‘pebbles’.

    Undercounter model with low consumption (1 litre water / 1 kg ice) - Electromechanical functioning - Air Cooling system (A) - Insulated retractable door - ON-OFF switch - Dust proof water basin - Easy cleaning thanks to rounded surfaces - External protective filter which is easy to remove and clean.

    Constructed using:

    Catering grade stainless steel for strength and hygiene
    Ice-bin constructed using antibacterial non-toxic plastic
    All materials comply with FDA regulations (Food & Drug Administration)
    IPX3 rated to protect against any liquid ingress

    Additional Information
    Storage Capacity (Kg) 40   Ice Production (Kg/24hr) 140
    Height (mm) 962   Width (mm) 738
    Depth (mm) 690   Power Supply (A) 13A
    Air Temperature (°C) +10 - +43   Water Temperature (°C) +3 - +32


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