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  • Why DC Flight Conveyors?

    Equipped with the latest performance and efficiency technology, DC flight conveyors are capable of washing up to 8860 plates per hour. Heavy-duty wash pumps drive water through lower, upper and lateral wash arms to give a 360° wash capability.

    The fully automated, energy- and cost-saving economiser function reduces steam, thermal acoustic pollution and operator intervention. Insulated boilers reduce heat loss further, enabling high temperature water to be maintained in the double rinse zone.

    Simple, intuitive controls, smooth stainless-steel surfaces and rounded corners combined with EasyClean filters and wide panoramic doors make machine operation and maintenance as easy and efficient as possible.


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    Flight Conveyors - Flight Conveyor - DCF6000A

    Features include

    Selectable operation speeds - double-skinned stainless steel construction - removable anti-block lower, upper and lateral wash arms for the ultimate wash coverage - heavy-duty self-draining wash pumps for power and improved hygiene - economiser auto start/stop - EasyClean filter system - moulded wash tank with radial corners to prevent debris build-up and assist with routine maintenance - removable stainless-steel blade technology rinse arms for improved rinse power and coverage boiler and wash tank temperature displays - simple, intuitive controls - pressurised rinse system Insulated boilers - low water usage - double rinse zone - break tank panoramic, counterbalanced inspection doors for safe and easy maintenance access

    Optional add-ons
    Dryer - Heat recovery - Steam condenser - Steam extraction - Triple rinse zone - Supplementary boiler - Increased loading zone - Increased unloading zone

    Additional Information
    Plate Capacity 4050/6070 per hour   Wash Zones EPW - W - W - N - DR
    Cycle Time (mins) Continuous (auto start/stop)   Height (mm) 1725
    Width (mm) 7300   Depth (mm) 905
    Max Loading Height (mm) 460   Double Skinned Yes
    Insulated boiler Yes


    Product Options
    Increased Loading Zone
    Increased Unloading Zone
    Drying Module
    Supplementary boiler
    Triple Rinse Zone
    Steam Condenser
    Heat Recovery Module

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