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  • Why DC Mini-rack Conveyors?

    Our high performance rack conveyors combine superb build quality with simple, intuitive controls to ensure the maximum output. The economiser function reduces running costs by cutting energy consumption and synonymously reducing steam, thermal and acoustic emissions. Smooth, stainless-steel surfaces combined with rounded corners reduce dirt traps in the machine, whilst self-draining wash pumps improve hygiene levels further. Machine maintenance is made as simple as possible by using counter-balanced doors and removable filters, wash arms and end caps.

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    Mini-rack Conveyor - Rack Conveyor - DC2000A

    Features include

    Double-skinned, temperature readouts, quick response digital thermostats, economiser function, external drain valve, low running costs, easy maintenance, simple, intuitive user interface, water consumption of 1.2 litres per rack, reversible (without add-ons).

    Optional add-ons

    Electric drying module – Steam condenser heat recovery module - adds 580mm to machine height. Requires 200mm exit splash guard when supplied without drying module (adds a minimum of 8 Amps per phase to overall machine rating) – Double rinse - increases rack output by 54 per hour - adds 400mm to machine width – Supplementary boiler 12kW – Splash Guard – Splash Guard with Spigot – Detergent and rinse aid dosing pumps – End Stop – Drain Pump

    Additional Information
    Wash Zones Wash, rinse   Racks p/h 63/95
    Cycle Time (mins) Continuous (auto start/stop)   Height (mm) 1420
    Width (mm) 1150   Depth (mm) 805
    Supplied Baskets 3   Max Loading Height (mm) 415
    Water Consumption (lts) 1.2l/rack   Waste Height (mm) 180
    Power Supply (A) 28   Basket Size (cm) 50x50
    Double Skinned Yes


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