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    The Optima range uses the latest technological advances to offer 'Intelligent Warewashing Solutions' for outstanding performance whilst minimising environmental impact and reducing running costs. Optima warewashers are intuitive, adaptable, fast and powerful with in-built quality and reliability making them indispensable in any commercial catering environment. With additional state-of-the-art features and break tank and drain pump fitted as standard - it's easy to see why the new Optima range takes warewashing and cleaning performance to a new level.


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    Optima Range - Double-hood Passthrough Dishwasher - OD1450A CP D

    All the features of the Optima range but twice the capacity of a single passthrough. Its two independent wash zones allow for large capacity at periods of peak demand whilst the 'Intelliwash System' detects when only one basket is loaded, leaving the second wash zone in a stand-by mode which saves on energy, water and chemicals. 

    Features include 
    Colour TFT display - 4 adjustable cycles - wash and rinse temperatures displayed, drain pump, break tank and chemical pumps fitted as standard - chemical dosing adjusted from control panel - heavy-duty wash pump - superior peristaltic detergent and rinse aid auto-dosing units - optional thermostop - insulated cabinet and door - double skinned boiler - extra usable wash height - low volume wash tank - EasyClean triple filter system - anti-block removable wash and rinse arms - moulded wash tank to prevent debris build-up and assist routine maintenance - simple, intuitive controls - self-draining wash pump for improved hygiene. 6 baskets. 

    Optional add-ons

    Integral water softener; Steam heat recovery module

    Additional Information
    Plate Capacity 18 / 36   Wash Zones 2
    Cycle Time (mins) 1, 2, 3, 8   Height (mm) 1500
    Width (mm) 1181   Depth (mm) 785
    Supplied Baskets 6   Max Loading Height (mm) 400
    Power Supply (A) 3Ph+N / 3x30   Waste Outlet Diameter (mm) 18
    Double Skinned yes   Basket Size (cm) 50x50
    Insulated boiler yes   Rinse and Detergent Dosing Pumps yes
    Counter Balanced Door yes   Cold Rinse As Standard no


    Product Options
    Integral water softener
    Heat Recovery Module

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